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Lauren Lovelace, PT, DPT, MLS

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Lauren graduated from Azusa Pacific University in Southern California with her doctorate in physical therapy. Originally from Washington state, she earned her B.S. degree in Exercise Physiology from Seattle Pacific University.

Lauren found her calling in physical therapy through early participation in competitive downhill skiing and cross-county running and later as a coach for endurance runners and triathletes. She is a biomechanist at heart and delights in the feat of human movement, design and performance.

Her therapeutic emphasis includes movement analysis, functional movement, motor control, and movement quality as it relates to injury, with treatment combining manual therapy and exercise.

Lauren is a Certified Movement Therapist through  Movement Links Certification. She also is undergoing the long term track and training in DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization), which is a manual rehabilitation approach designed to optimize the control and efficiency of the movement system. This approach places a strong emphasis on proper core stabilization, breathing, functional and developmental positions and activating proper movement via the central nervous system(brain).

Lauren strives to create a comfortable healing environment, placing a strong emphasis on communication and education to assist patients with their individual rehabilitation needs. “My goal for patients is to help them move away from pain, move smarter and stronger and to gain the tools to live a healthy and active life forever.”

She enjoys all outdoor activities, long distance running, trail running, supporting her husband as an elite triathlete, traveling and supporting endurance events, skiing, playing with her dog, and spending time with family and friends.

Lauren runing


“I came to Lauren Lovelace more than a year ago. My prescription for PT was to help with my painful hips that kept me from several sports, including running. I had also suffered from progressively worsening sciatica, for which I had seen a physician, physical medicine specialist, and a chiropractor, resulting in no relief of my painful symptoms. For my hips and related nerve pain I tried working with at least four physical therapists in the three months prior to working with Lauren. I understand that healing takes time and I am committed to doing whatever I can, including exercises my physical therapist recommends to me. But before working with Lauren, I had not gotten results other than diminished pain when I stopped exercising. Then I started working with Lauren. She helped me to break down what was required for me to run and dance pain-free again. Even having this goal made me feel I was working with someone who understood me. Lauren did much more than show me exercises to strengthen my core and hips. She read my xray reports and guided me on what exercises I was doing that were likely not good for my hips or scoliosis (something she alone took into account). She corrected my form, standing and walking, even as I was unconscious of it while greeting her at the beginning of a session. She showed me exactly what was needed to correct my running form, using a software program to videotape me and then show me in slow motion what I was doing both right and wrong. The results have been so much better than I ever imagined. I have been able to run again, sometimes actually improving my speed. Much to my surprise, my sciatica has diminished significantly, allowing me to sit comfortably for hours instead of only minutes before seeing Lauren. Over the past year, Lauren has helped me with other injuries and painful responses to my active lifestyle. Most recently, she helped me with my achilles heel pain and plantar fasciitis. I am a 60 year old attorney who knows the value of working with a knowledgeable, competent professional who has the maturity to read a patient’s needs and deliver therapy tailored to success. Lauren has all these qualities and more; she is gifted at her craft and knows exactly how and how much to challenge or discourage to be effective. I will continue to work with Lauren as much as I can no matter where she is located. I will continue to recommend her to anyone needing the most capable physical therapist. The bonus is that she is also a delightful person and a joy to work with.