Telan Nelson

Staff Physical Therapist

“I am so encouraged by the active community that I get to work with and I fully enjoy helping my clients return to the activities that they love!  Giving my clients the tools and education that they need to feel better and achieve their goals is a rewarding experience every day.”

Telan received her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Biology from UC Davis. She continued her education to complete a Masters of Physical Therapy from CSU Sacramento. Since completing her Masters, Telan continues to seek out new learning opportunities in order to augment her clinical practice. She has participated in coursework focusing on a variety of orthopedic and sports medicine skills, with more planned in order to continue to adapt to the trending needs of her clients. In addition to her coursework, Telan has been a Gua Sha practitioner since 2006 and has adapted her technique for use in the physical therapy setting.

Throughout her education, Telan most enjoyed her human anatomy and physiology coursework and labs. She returned as an anatomy lecture and lab aid in addition to her participation in advanced lab work. “The human body is what has inspired me to become a physical therapist. The inner working from the cellular level out to our musculoskeletal and nervous systems is one of the most amazing things that I have studied. It’s like a unique puzzle that I get to analyze with each client in order to help them make adjustments to improve efficiency and control of movement.”

Telan was a synchronized swimmer for 15 years and has worked as an assistant coach for 4 seasons. She also grew up playing soccer and tennis, and pole vaulted for her high school track and field team.


Bachelor of Science, Exercise Biology:  University of California Davis, 2009

Masters of Physical Therapy:  California State University Sacramento, 2011


Gua Sha

Myofascial Release

Working with Dancers



Synchronized Swimming



Pole Vaulting