“I have 90% use of my shoulder again in just 14 visits at Body Concepts after being in therapy for over a year elsewhere.” -Ted, softball player

To Whom It May Concern:

Although I have been an active and relatively healthy person throughout my life, four years ago I had a gnawing suspicion that I had “slipped” more than normal as I entered my mid-60’s. Therefore, I was receptive to my daughter Linda’s suggestion that I make arrangements to have Rob examine me and make his recommendations for improvement, if possible. Of particular concern to me was my deteriorating posture, which Linda also had observed, Try as I might, I couldn’t remedy the situation on my own.

After my first session with Rob I noticed an improvement in my posture and core strength. I continue to do, and benefit from the exercises that Rob recommended, and periodically I see him for a “tune up”.

Observing others in our society, it is my belief that there are countless people that would benefit from Rob’s services.

Sincerely, Allen


Linda (Warrior Princess),

I have worked with Linda since February 2004. She is an important part of my recovery and a very important person in my life. Because of her I am walking better, have more confidence in my abilities, and view each small improvement as major, and not a setback. Linda saw me as a person persevering, and not just a stroke survivor. Linda looks “outside the box” and I am thankful to have her in my life.

Love, Jodie


“I was in a horrible auto accident which resulted in a badly broken leg. My doctors told me my activity level would always be limited due to my injuries. After just 10 visits at Body Concepts I was walking without a limp, and even able to play soccer again. I am so glad to have my active lifestyle back.”


Dear Rob, Lydia, Linda, Brenda,
Thank you so much for all the kindness you have shown me, and for accommodating me like you have. I am so grateful!! Rob, especially thank you for opening up your lunch time for me so many times.
God Bless You!


Dear Body Concepts,
I would like to thank you personally for supporting the El Dorado Hills Competition Team. Thanks to your support and the support of many others, our team was able to journey to Greensboro, NC to compete in the 2005 AAU Nationals. We had an extremely successful year of competition with the team bringing home 21 total medals. Such success could not have been achieved without your support. I hope you will continue to support our team in the future.


Before my first session with Linda, I was a tub of goo. My back and stomach muscles were way under developed. Since I never liked doing crunches or any of that stuff, I guess it wasn’t a big surprise. But, as soon as Linda saw that weakness, she attacked it like a wolf stalking a wounded sheep. We began with a pilates based workout routine and after the first session I was reduced to a sniveling pile of exhaustion. She worked me hard, but I knew something good had to come out of this misery. Now a month and a half later, I am happy to report I can now do a set of crunches in the double digits! Also, the pilates and general stretching Linda has done with me have helped me climb the hardest route I have ever done, a Yosemite 5.9 (or 5.10+ anywhere else in the country). When it comes to training, Linda’s the best when you want to be your best.
Thank You Body Concepts!!


Dear Linda and Rob:

Since coming to Body Concepts to train with Linda, I have obtained a level of health and physical fitness that I did not think was possible at my age. At 53, I had been an active bicycle rider for years, but had reached a level where I was no longer advancing in my training and while I did not feel physically bad, I was starting to think that my age was catching up with me. After researching the various fitness centers in the area, I chose Body Concepts because of the personal attention and expertise in working with athletes that Rob and Linda offer.

After working with Linda as a personal trainer for two months, there has been a noticeable improvement in my flexibility, strength and overall health and fitness. I look better and feel better than I have in years. With Rob and Linda’s help, we have developed an overall fitness strategy that has improved all aspects of my physical health and fitness. Body imbalances and little aches and pains have virtually disappeared and the positive results have carried over into my personal and professional relationships. Everyone comments on how great I look!

I highly recommend Body Concepts to anyone looking to develop an overall fitness program to improve health and fitness. Linda and Rob are great to work with and definitely know what they are doing. Their holistic approach provides positive results and ensures success.

Body Concepts will continue to be my fitness connection on a regular basis.



Potential Clients,

Before I found Body Concepts, I had an obvious limp and was told I would never be able to ride again. Thanks to the excellent care of Rob and Linda I no longer have a limp and I am in better shape then before my accident. I can even walk down stairs without hopping, what a novel concept!!

I have actually been able to ride again, although not at my former glory. I feel confident with Rob and Linda’s assistance I will soon be better then ever before with my riding as well.

In addition to everything else they have done for me, I have learned so much vocabulary someone actually asked if I was a doctor when talking about my injury.

So if you are interest in recovering from an injury or just improving yourself no matter what the odds, Body Concepts is the place for you.

Thank you Body Concepts for making a tremendous difference in my life!!

Sincerely, Michelle


Hey Rob! I did it . . . Thanks to you!

After 9 years of training, I finally got my first Road GP Points! It looks like the deep tissue therapy paid off! Thanks so much to you for helping me get there!



Italy is great. Thank you for all your help in helping me with my bike. You’re awesome. Thanks, Cindy


Dear Body Concepts,

Thank you so much for everything you did for me over the past year! You guys really made physical therapy a fun experience for me instead of the monotonous appointments they had been before. I really appreciate all the effort you put into helping me recover from my many accidents! Thanks to you guys my back has gotten so much better than it was and now I can do more fun stuff without the pain it used to cause me. Thank you so much for everything. I really am so grateful. I hope you are all doing well and I miss seeing you guys so often.



Dear Body Concepts,

The coaches and athletes of the Oak Ridge High School Ski and Board Team would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for your generous donation to our team. Your gift helped pay for the bussing of the athletes to and from Kirkwood Ski Resort for their on-hill training practices, as well as much needed team equipment.

Sponseors, like you, help our program thrive and we greatly appreciate your contribution to our team,

With sincere gratitude,

Dave Divine, Head Coach