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Peak Cycling


“I do a lot of cross training on the bike as part of my training as a competitive rower, but I had never thought of it as more than a tool to get my heart rate in the right zone for the right amount of time–that’s until I went to Body Concepts. Now I’ve had the chance to work with Rob to get my bike perfectly set up for my own body, and I’ve had the chance to get coached by him on actual rides. After doing my bike fit with Rob, not only am I blown away by how comfortable a bike can feel, but I also feel tremendously stronger when I ride. Rob has also coached me during several rides, and the difference that he can make in only a few sessions is surprising. Imagine having a personal coach riding right next to you and giving you real-time analysis that makes you faster and stronger, and that’s what it’s like riding with Rob. Now I find myself constantly thinking: number one, ‘that was an AWESOME ride’…and number two, ‘when is my next ride!’” – Matthew, competitive rower

The Body Concepts’ Peak Cycling Program is for beginner to elite cyclists. The Peak Cycling Program offers testing, coaching, and training to achieve your ‘peak cycling’ goals. Have fun and reach for your dreams!

Our professional staff provides exceptional training, coaching and rehabilitation services to help you develop your goals, maximize your potential, and reach your cycling expectations. We specialize in working with new and developing cyclists.

Our aim is to assist in developing cyclists of all ability levels. Sharing our enthusiasm for the sport by helping improve your performance, comfort and increasing your level of cycling enjoyment is our goal.

Peak Cycling Professionals
Our staff includes: Physical Therapists, USA Cycling Coaches, Certified BGFit Techincians, Pilates Instructors, and Personal Trainers.


  • Video Bike Fitting
  • Anaerobic Threshold Test
  • Power Evaluation
  • Spin Analysis

Skills Clinics/Coaching

  • Bike Skills Clinics
  • Individual and Group Coaching

Event Promotion and Sponsorship

Body Concepts is interested in actively participating as a sponsor of cycling teams, clubs and events. Let us know if you’re interested in having us help sponsor your cycling club/event…call/email.


  • Sacramento Bike Hikers
  • Sacramento Wheelmen


  • Sacramento Triathlon Club


  • Sacramento Cyclocross Series

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