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“Hi Rob, I won the Wente RR on Saturday and placed top 10 in the Wente pro/1/2/3 crit on Sunday ! My knee was doing super well all weekend, so I think I’m over that now. The bike feels good too, so thanks a lot for your help with that !” -Anna

Bike Fitting

Proper bike positioning to your unique body type, fitness and riding style is crucial to reducing injury, providing comfort and enhancing your performance.
Numbness and pain are not normal…comfort equals performance!
At Body Concepts, our staff members have advanced degrees, training and years of experience as cyclists in multiple disciplines. We can provide the expertise not only to improve your bike set up but reduce limitations in your body as well.
We know the optimal position for a cyclist to produce the most power and least aerodynamic drag. However, every rider is unique and has some flexibility and/or strength imbalances, poor pedaling technique or previous injury history that may prevent them from achieving this optimal position…yes, even Lance.
At Body Concepts we initially adjust the bicycle to the rider’s body and offer specific programs to improve flexibility and strength, pedaling technique, postural alignment and stability to ride faster and more comfortably…getting you closer to your full potential.
A unique feature is our location next to Bicycles Plus (BP) in Folsom. Our relationship with BP provides an entire store full of parts and accessories that we can access immediately to complete your fitting at the first session…no waiting for parts. You also receive a nice discount on any parts needed as part of your fitting.

Comprehensive Fit $150 (1- hour)

The Comp Fit is a dynamic fit using a stationary trainer and includes the following:
Pedal-Cleat Dynamics
Saddle Height
Saddle Fore / Aft
Saddle Tilt / Rotation
Stem Length, Rise and Height
Bar Width and Angle
Hoods and Brake Levers
2-half hour appointments to fine-tune your position within 90-days