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Skills Clinics and Coaching

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“The training allowed me to meet my goal with confidence. I’m a much stronger rider.” “My bike
skills, confidence, strength, spinning and overall efficiency improved dramatically.” “Great
coaching and fun.” “You’ll learn things you never thought you needed to know.” “You’ll never see
Monitor Pass as a hill again…it’s a roller.”

Skills Clinics Faster-Further-Safer-Smarter

The objective of these clinics is to offer a flexible, affordable and effective process for any rider to achieve specific, measurable goals developing the fitness, skill and knowledge to become an accomplished cyclist.


Group: These Custom Clinics average 4-hours starting with a 1-hour lecture and 3-hours
of on-the-bike skills development at $60/rider. To reserve a clinic date, select a clinic topic and have a minimum of 5-riders prepaid in your group. We can customize options and length of clinics to meet your needs.
Private: Private clinics are also available at $80/hour.

Clinic Options

Braking –learn to control your bike speed from changing your pedaling effort, to aerodynamics to panic braking

Cornering – whether it is slow turns on the bike trail or ripping crit corners you can improve your speed and confidence

Climbing – develop technique seated, standing, different hand positions, steady state or power climbs

Descending –improve your safety, efficiency and confidence to fly down hill

Group Ride Skills – learn pace lines/pack riding do’s and don’ts to be safe and economical

Balance and Agility – learn to handle your bike to avoid obstacles, increase your efficiency and confidence

Racing – starts, attacking, blocking, bridging, sprinting, tactics, strategy and more

Pedaling technique – learn drills and techniques to improve your efficiency and power

Equipment– selection and adjustment for performance and safety from bike gear to rider apparel

Interval Training – learn time trial, sprint & climb intervals to boost your speed, power, strength & endurance for your event

Flexibility/Strength – learn strength training and flexibility drills specific to the needs of cyclists

Training Physiology – what kind of training makes a better rider? How to monitor your effort, zones, power and more

Nutrition – no hype just the facts for endurance athletes

Fun – enjoy learning something new with fellow riders…


We offer a variety of individual and group coaching programs to meet your needs and goals. To find out how we can benefit you, we offer a free 30-minute consultation to discuss options and benefits of a professional coaching program.

Please call to set up an appointment at: (916) 939-6800.