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“I have been visiting Body Concepts for a little over a month now, and already I have noticed some drastic changes in my body. I have always had lower back weakness, which actually resulted in a bulging disk a few years ago, and I’ve been nursing it ever since even while competing as an athlete in college. Linda has been the only trainer I’ve had that pointed out my sport specific weaknesses which caused my injury, and clearly explained why (showed me pictures and everything)!! I am now already stronger in my core, and have been actually motivated to attack these muscles into being useful again, so I will never have lower back or lower ab weakness again! I’m also standing up straighter with better posture-nice side effect!”

Rowing is a great full body aerobic activity. It works every major muscle group without vertically loading the knees and back. When done properly, it is the perfect strength and cardio workout. Executing the rowing stroke properly requires, balance, timing, proper posture, core strength and coordination, shoulder stabilization, and lower body strength. Like Pilates, rowing requires focus and concentration to achieve a smooth, efficient movement. Unlike Pilates, there are no mirrors in the boat and, unless you are sculling, there are other people that are trying to achieve the perfect stroke as well. It is during the body’s struggle for balance that compensations creep in and can cause pain. Typically, lower/upper back and upper trapezius discomfort. Sweep rowing will also create some asymmetry, so additional training such as Pilates is beneficial to reestablish symmetry.

http://www.vimeo.com/5562341We address the biomechanical issues typical to rowing and assess and correct the imbalances specific to each rower to increase power, range of motion and stability and to decrease discomfort.


Winter Special (Nov – Jan 1, 2012)

For all CSUS students: Recieve a biomechanical evaluation by a physical therapist and an erg video analysis for only $10. Call 916-939-6800 to make an appointment.

Lake Natoma managed by The Sacramento State Aquatic Center (one exit away from our location off Hazel Blvd.) is ranked top three in the nation for the best water to row. The Sacramento State Aquatic Center is home to the Capital Crew program for high school students, The CSUS collegiate rowing team and The Aquatic Center Rowing (Masters) Club.