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“I have completed a handful of triathlons and consider myself a decent athlete in many aspects. The one thing that has held me back in triathlon is the swim. I decided to get over my anxiety of open water by hiring Linda Bailey as my swim coach. In the open water she put me through drills in all scenarios of swimming and taught me techniques to use in each scenario. She even taught me how to relax while being rescued if that ever became an issue. Luckily I’ve never had to experience that first hand except with her lesson. I recommend her as often as I can, for any lesson that she offers, be it personal training, swimming, pilates, or martial arts. I think she has an innate ability to read people and help them accomplish their goals. She is absolutely great!”
-Linda W.


Video Analysis $100

Video analysis is the perfect way to see what you are actually doing in the water, compared to what you think you are doing in the water. We video tape your stroke and playback the video on a wide screen laptop so you can see in realtime how you are performing. Then we instruct you on changes to your stroke and you can watch yourself improve in one session! We also burn a cd of your session so you can watch it as many times as you like. Video analysis is the best way to improve you technique and comfort in the water. If you know you are doing the stroke correctly, then your body will relax as you commit to the stroke with confidence.


Open Water Lessons

Our open water lessons are design just for you. If you have anxiety in the water, we structure the lesson so that every step is within your comfort zone. This makes progress stress free and quicker than you think. If you are comfortable in the water, but lack race experience and want to do a triathlon, then we cover drafting, sighting, swimming in a pack, race strategy, dealing with the elements . . .

Open Water Lesson Prizes

Instructor, Linda Bailey, with client at Lake Natoma

Single Private $75

Five Privates $350

Ten Privates $650

Single Semi-Private $55

Five Semi-Privates $250

Ten Semi-Privates $450