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Joseph H. Pilates developed this unique method of training 80 years ago. He believed in conditioning the mind and body together combining both Western and Eastern approaches to physical and mental conditioning. His original exercise techniques focused on Centering, Concentration, Control, Flowing Motion, Precision and Breath to aid in restoring the body to balanced postures, flexibility and efficiency in motion.


Reshape your body with long, lean, sleek muscle strength. Think of a dancers posture and physique. Our unique equipment and precision training techniques will help you achieve smoother, leaner bodylines especially when combined with cardio training.

Mental revitalization, relaxation, body awareness and confidence are benefits you will experience from training with Pilates…let your mind get in touch with your body again!

Spine related problems; Post-Surgical and other Musculo-Skeletal Injuries are resolved using core training to strengthen, coordinate and lengthen musculature. This improves postural positioning, decompresses the discs, joints and nerves relieving pain and inflammation allowing normalized function and healing of injured tissues. Teaching new neuromuscular movement patterns, precision of movement and body awareness, can enhance athletic performance. Dancers, cyclists, runners, paddlers, swimmers, climbers, golfers and other athletic groups requiring flexibility, coordination and good strength-to-weight ratios will benefit from this specialized cross training.

Pilates Reformer Class Schedule

Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs. – 5:00pm

Mon., Wed. – 6:00pm

Friday – 9:00am

Pilates Training

At Body Concepts, we specialize in working with clients with injuries up to elite athletes using Pilates training. Pilates has evolved over the years and continues to develop melding physical therapy and current knowledge on training techniques to deliver an amazingly effective tool to develop your body from the center outward.

Our studio offers the complete line of Balanced Body® Pilates equipment including: reformers, trap tables, chairs, barrels, allegros and more.

Training options and prices

Privates:  $85 per client/$375 for 5 sessions ($75 each)

Duet:  $55 per client/$450 for 10 sessions

Trio:   $45 per client/$350 for 10 sessions

Classes:  $120 for Package of 6, $25 for a single class

Fitness Evaluation:  $120 evaluation by a Physical Therapist

A Fitness Evaluation is for anyone who wants to know exactly what their body is doing and why. Learn how your previous injuries are affecting how you move now, where your strengths and weaknesses are and the best way to restore you to balance. Highly recommended for those with surgery and back injury history and the elite athlete who is looking for any advantage in improved performance.

Body Concepts’ Pilates Instructors

Robert Kopitzke, PT, USACC, Master Pilates Instructor

Linda Bailey, ACE, CPI, CPR, CMP, Myofascial Release practitioner

Telan Nelson, MPT, Pilates Instructor, Vestibular Therapist