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Runners, slightly crazy in their dedication to their sport (runner’s high), can suffer from overuse injuries due to biomechanical issues or flexibility and strength deficits.

Biomechanical issues such as leg length discrepancy, pronation, patellar alignment and pelvic asymmetry can be corrected to reduce the chance of injury, recover from injury and improve performance.

Lack of flexibility is a major limiter in performance and increases the chance of injury. Plantar Fasciitis is an example of lack of flexibility of calf musculature and/or the big toe. We often see weakness in the hip rotators and lateral stabilizers creating knee tracking issues resulting in pain at the knee cap (Patella) and IT-band. Lack of proper core strength contributes to poor pelvic positioning and excessive loading of the Lumbar spine.

If you feel your performance is suffering or you are dealing with an injury we can help with Physical Therapy, Video Run Analysis and Pilates Training

Physical Therapy $120 – $80/hr cash, most medical insurances accepted

Runners have common injury patterns that can be evaluated, treated and corrected with Physical Therapy. Feet and ankles, knees and hips and spine are all pushed to their limits as a runner. If you have a chronic injury or can not seem to break through a performance barrier we can help you.

Biomechanical Running Evaluation $100 -120 1-hour

This evaluation will assess bone structure alignment, muscular strength and flexibility and address any ongoing pain or dysfunctional issues. The need for orthotic correction will be evaluated as part of this exam. You will have a clear picture of what your strengths and limitations are at the end of this session and a plan to accomplish your goals. You do not need a medical referral for this evaluation.

Video Running Analysis $120 1-hour

Video analysis will provide visual cues on how you move through your gait cycle bridging the gap between what you feel and how you look as you run. Understanding this difference will help you correct anomalies. Your individual running biomechanics will be explained frame by frame and a plan provided to improve your efficiency and speed.

Pilates Training $20-$60/hour depending on class or private session

Pilates Training offers runners the ultimate combination of developing strength, control and flexibility at the same time. The focus on core strength and control of movement is perfect for developing the technique runners need to get the most out of their body. Prevent the likelihood of injury, enhance the quality of your movement and have fun at the same time.